Cuban Coffee.. Please come In

Do you know how excited we were when we found a place that made this neon sign for us?  It was his vision, everything was always His vision.  I had a lot of input but since we had the same taste, everything he fell in love with I fell in love with too.  Come one now, he's a Gemini and I'm an Aquarius, we were meant to start this little beautiful restaurant.  

The sign came that day and we couldn't stop going outside to look at it.  We were so giddy lol  This was welcoming.. come in, have a coffee and talk to us.   It reminded me of an old Deniro/Pacino movie, set in nyc in the 70's or 80's.  A neon sign anywhere in the middle of the night was a "Hello, come in."  I know that's why he fell in love with idea because it gives him life when he can talk and connect with people.  

The real set it off was in SoHo though.   It was late and we were hungry and we both love Nyc so off we went into the Holland Tunnel that late Thursday night.   I don't know exa…